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About Us — Background

MSW Travel Group is a full-service travel agency that offers the best of both “high-tech” capabilities and “high-touch” care to give Executive and Leisure travelers experiences of the highest quality possible.

An industry leader since 1991, we are a long-standing travel provider with knowledgeable, dedicated agents who are ready and able to meet all your travel needs.

Initially working out of one office in Uniondale, Long Island, MSW Travel Group has matured into a multi-million dollar travel group through controlled and sustained expansion. We have two locations on Long Island, NY – Uniondale and Miller Place. Through strong partner relationships with international agencies such as Grosvenor Travel in London, Custom Travel Solutions Inc. in Canada, Viajes Polanco in Mexico City and many others around the world; totaling 45 partners in 28 countries. MSW is a global travel agency.

We have invested in service upgrades and technology enhancements keeping us at the forefront of the industry. Recent investment has been largely directed towards technological development, management reporting, quality control and training. Our successful growth has been the direct result of deliberate evaluation and planning, along with executing programs that take into consideration current market trends and ever-changing conditions around the world.

As our global community becomes smaller and global access greater, we are managing and using technological resources and communications to help us maintain momentum in providing timely, value-driven and reliable client services, wherever needed. Changes in business will remain constant, as will our commitment to service excellence.

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