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Ashford Castle, Ireland - A look back

Ashford Castle, Ireland

One of the most memorable trips I’ve ever taken came through the beautiful green country of Ireland. For more than a week, my wife Patte and I discovered the land of the Irish.

The monstrous Ashford Castle, a castle built in 1228 and once home to the Guinness Family, lies in the western portion of the country. We flew into Dublin and bused over into a wonderland…

How about this for intimidating?

The trip included an opportunity to do falconry with trained professionals. It was an anxious morning, getting ready for adventure (and survival!).

This guy landed (attacked!) my wrist for a fresh piece of raw chicken.


I loved John Wayne. He was a real man’s man. We were able to visit The Quiet Man Museum in nearby Cong, dedicated to the classic film. We walked the same streets as The Duke and Maureen O’Hara. I even bought the same hat as John.

The Quiet Man Museum, Ireland

If you’ve ever seen the movie, the whole town seems to walk down this one road. Here’s a much more scenic shot!

The Quiet Man Statue

What an adventure. If you get a chance to visit Ireland and want a taste of the high life and the country (where the true locals hang), then these spots would be right up your alley.

Certainly an unforgettable experience, and another reason why I love to travel.

— Don

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