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4 Front-Desk Questions to Ensure a Killer Vacation

Don't miss out on any key information when you get to that resort. Before throwing your suitcase in the room and running out the door, there are certain questions to ask the front desk.

1. What's the schedule?

Oh, there's a comedian? A magician? A campfire? These are key questions to make sure you and your family don't miss anything. Work smarter, not harder. Instead of grabbing those brochures from the lobby, ask the front desk attendant about the schedule. There's sure to be entertainment you didn't even think was possible.

2. What's included?

Now that you have the schedule, ask if those events are free or not. Sometimes the shuttle is free but the magician is not, and vice versa. It'd be nice to know these things so you don't have to hassle carrying cash, cards, or a big wallet or purse around.

3. Is the Mini Fridge complementary?

Before you go diving head first for a cold adult beverage, or the kids lose their minds over a Coca-Cola, just ask if it's free. Too many times we've heard horror stories upon checkout when jaws drop at the bill because the - now empty mini bar - is not so empty...but your wallet might be.

4. When's dinner?

Whether at an all-inclusive resort, lodge, or luxury hotel, dinner on-location can be the hot spot. Ask about reservations. How far out from dinner do you have to make them? Also...what do I wear? Sometimes these questions can save you from wearing the wrong clothing item or save you from missing out on a meal.

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