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Desk Stories - Dealing with a bind

Here's our first installment of Desk Stories, diving a little deeper into what we do here at MSW Travel.

A meeting-planner friend of mine called me on Friday needing some urgent help. He had 24 customers going from New York to Romania on Sunday, stopping in Munich, Germany.

There was one problem.

The connecting time from landing in Munich to taking off for Romania was 12 hours. That’s a long time to sit in the airport. It’s half a day.

So, when folks get in a bind, they call me for options.

My buddy asked me to find his group a shorter window to fly out. But with just days spare, I knew it would be tough. One airport with a big group.

I contacted the airline and alerted them of the 24 seats I needed. Though I was looking for one flight for all 24, the airline did not have the inventory. I had to break up the group into segments.

One set of tickets sat in the $700 window and the others were closer to $2600. The first price was doable for these customers, but not the second price, which would have been the cost of 20 of the 24. Ouch.

In the end, we couldn’t get it done. It was too expensive to change the flights at a reasonable price for all and in such a short window to departure.

Even though this meeting planner did not use me to book the trip, he called me because he knew that he could. Was he mad? Not at all. He knew that’d I’d give him the straight, honest answer he was looking for.

We were dealing with something that’s a bang-bang situation. If I had a week to deal with it I would have delivered more reasonable prices for my friend.

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