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Travel Trends - Bleisure

New trends knock on the door, and new opportunities to boost employee-morale walk in.


Learn it, know it, love it. It’s business plus leisure. A business trip that lasts a day brings the employee home quicker, sooner, and without much grasp or knowledge of where he or she came from. Those days, in employees’ eyes, are hopefully fading.

More folks now are trying bleisure travel. In fact, more than one-third (37%) of business travelers are taking those trips and extending them to include personal time, allowing a deep dive into the culture of the city. Again, one-third of travelers in this age group are taking the time, but 97% believe that they gain cultural experience and knowledge when adding a few days of leisure.

The age group 25-34 year olds, also known as millenials, are seeking experiences more than anything else. This group would rather spend its money on trips and travel, rather than purchasing something desirable.

According to the Global Business Travel Association, these people make an average of $79,000, work at companies with around 950 employees, and take about seven work trips per year.

When given time in a new city or location, work travelers have the opportunity to explore. And that’s all they want. Where the cry for helps blossoms, comes from the company’s flexibility to pay for an extra day or extra three days.

So companies, are you listening to the cry of your employees?

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