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4 Top Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

There's nothing more hectic than Thanksgiving week travel. Here are a few tips to remember so you won't miss any sweet potatoes.

Top Tips for Thanksgiving Travel:

1. Schedule an early flight

If you are delayed at 6 a.m. there's a better chance the flight will depart as opposed to a delay at 9 p.m. (where you may be cancelled).

2. Non-stop flights

The chaos of Thanksgiving travel means delays and cancellations. It's better to cut down on the possibilities of things going haywire by eliminating connecting flights.

3. No checked bags

Carry-on, carry-on, carry-on. It's the name of the game. If you check a bag, you open up the possibility of a lost or stolen bag scenario.

4. Get there early

Add a half hour or even an hour to your commute to the airport. Thanksgiving airport congestion means highway and parkway traffic too. Aim to leave for the airport with plenty of time (and then some).

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