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Cruise Control: 3 things we love about Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean

1. Entertainment

One of the most mind-blowing ships on the open sea, Royal Caribbean's fleet will keep you wowing each and every day with its extensive array of just plain fun stuff to do. In the GIF above, the FlowRider simulates surfing on a Hawaiian beach. Amazingly, that's just one of the many thrills. Others include the zip line, the extensive casinos, the Tidal Wave water ride, and the ability to Skydive at Sea (below). If we had time, we'd write a book about all of the rides and entertainment. You'll drool at the top-to-bottom list.

2. Food

Speaking of drool, food makes its second appearance on "Cruise Control" and for good reason. With any old cruise, food consumption may fall towards the bottom of the experience on a ship. Not with Celebrity Cruises and definitely not with Royal Caribbean International. The chefs take pride in their works and it translates to the plate.

It'll take about eight seconds into this video below to realize just how much effort goes into their menu and presentation. The other factor, taste, is just something you'll have to take our word for. Hint, hint: it tastes really good.

Of course there are many other options aboard RCL ships like Johnny Rockets, sushi at Izumi, or roast tenderloin for two at 150 Central Park. There's plenty of options to go around.

3. Consistent Value

This one you'll also have to take our word for. Our experience putting folks on Royal Caribbean continues because of their raving reviews about the ship. It's that simple. Clients, customers, and families love it. The entertainment kills and the food keeps everyone happy. Royal Caribbean is always on the cutting edge of new technologies and rides and each customer, with the ability to enjoy his or her own adventures, in turn enjoys a unique experience.

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- Don

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