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Cruise Control: 3 things we love about Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises

1. Luxury & Sophistication

Celebrity Cruises offers an opulent experience, like the fresh flowers in your room, the complimentary espresso, and the butler service. And, just in case you're feeling a bit too sophisticated, your favorite board game can be delivered upon request. It's the little things. It's the attention to detail that makes this premier line stand out.

2. Terrific food

With a supreme dedication to modern luxury, Celebrity's culinary charm is exquisite. In its class, we'd say they're top of the line. Led by Michelin-starred chef Cornelius Gallagher, the culinary team behind your meals is extensively trained, using locally-sourced ingredients from the ports and destinations that you'll be traveling to. By the way, Michelin (yes, the French tire company), owns and publishes the Red Guide, the oldest hotel and reference book by European standards. Basically, begin Michelin-rated is a huge, and well-respected, deal. Just take a bite.

3. Strong destinations

With the first two bullet points revolve around on-board amenities and luxuries, Celebrity Cruises kills it when you're talking about worldwide domination of destinations. Sailing to 260 locations across seven continents, they take you from all over the world to all over the world.

They go to (inhale), Alaska, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada & New England, Caribbean, Europe, Galapagos, Hawaii, Pacific Coastal, Panama Canal, South America, The Mediterranean, with Transatlantic and Transpacific locations, too (now breathe).

- Don

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