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27 things I've learned and loved about travel

It's a special day here at MSW Travel Group. Back on April 16, 1991 we began the journey of a lifetime.

Here's a few things I've penned down about the 27 years that I've learned and loved about travel in no particular order:

27. Get a seat assignment

26. Travel someplace warm

25. Travel with someone you love

24. Enjoy the friends you make on vacation

23. Keep in touch with those friends

22. Keep smiling, even when you're flight's been cancelled

21. I get the shakes if I'm not at an airport going someplace every two to three months

20. There's nothing better than being at an airport on a warm, summery day

19. Love is fitting your bag in the overhead compartment

18. Delight in a glass of wine in the French countryside

17. Don't miss Big Ben illuminated at night

16. Bring back souvenirs for those at home waiting for you

15. Get a private tour of the Catacombs of Rome

14. The Ashford Castle in Ireland is my favorite place ever

13. Surround yourself with people who know more than you do

12. Breathe in the air at every park bench

11. Read everything in the museum, even when your kids get antsy

10. Once those kids get to college, don't worry about traveling without them

9. Bermuda's pink sandy beaches are only 90 minutes from JFK

8. Tell me about the view at the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai...I can't do heights and the floors are made of glass

7. The potato chips in Maui are a must-eat

6. Don't gamble away your travelers checks on a train bound for Denver

5. Never visit the same place twice, unless it's Grand Cayman: I've been there four times

4. If you go bar hopping in Amsterdam, make sure you don't ask the cabbie if he can take you to a bar you're already at

3. Act like a kid, jump on the hotel bed

2. Get in trouble, there are more stories that way

1. Never stop traveling, when you think you've seen it all, you're only at the beginning

-- Don Raad is the President of MSW Travel Group located in the Omni Building in Uniondale, NY.

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